Pedro Burgos

I'm Pedro Burgos (aka Drusk), a 23-year-old Computer Engineer from Madrid, Spain.

I have completed a degree in Computer Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and I've worked as a DevOps Intern at GMV. Furthermore, I've studied English and I am now beginning to learn German at the Official School of Languages in my city.

I enjoy working on various projects mostly related to programming of some kind. Currently, I am getting into Rust and Functional Programming in Purescript.

I am planning on studying a master's degree in Computer Science abroad. Apart from programming I also enjoy music, I'm hoping to begin playing piano once I've moved, and I like to go cycling now and then.


Other than programming...

Music: Mostly Rock and Metal, also some Classical Music and OSTs. Some quick recommendations: Polyphia, April.#02, Interstellar, The Bard's Song.

Books: I've recently read A Song of Ice and Fire (no, I haven't watched GoT), and now I'm beginning Mistborn.

Games: Two of my favourite games of all time are Wesnoth and Golden Sun. Nowadays I mostly enjoy indie games like The Binding of Isaac.

Movies: A couple of movies I really like are Interestellar and Schindler's List

Shows: I enjoyed both Dark and The Queen's Gambit a lot.